The characters Buffy, Willow, Spike/William, Angel, Riley, Dawn and any other characters from the Buffy the vampire slayer series are the creations of Joss Whedon.

Tianne, Ariadne, The Mediator, Computer and Roland are my own creations. Similarities to any  real life person or persons should only be interpreted as my way of saying "Hi" and not as an attempt to portray these persons or any real-life situations.

More stories featuring Tianne, Ariadne and their world will be published here in the future, at present two stories are in development, check for further updates during 2004.

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note: This story is very AU. Large portions of this story take place outside the normal Sunnydale/LA settings of Buffy and Angel.

The story is dedicated to Psyche and The Tigergirl, for keeping the faith.

Part one

Part two - the final